Fly-In1RC Model Planes

Like remote control model aircraft? Well, if you do you’ve come to the right place. This is the web site of the Spring Area Radio Kontrol Society (SPARKS). We are a private club that maintains a field in northwest Houston, TX.

The club membership is diverse. We have builders, flyers, fixed wing, helicopters, electrics, gliders, and even a few aircraft that are tough to classify!

Young aero-modeler

What’s more, you’ll feel right at home at SPARKS’ field regardless of your skill level. On any given weekend you’ll be greeted by friendly people that represent the gamut from beginner to seasoned instructor and everything in between..

Sound like your kind of club? Well, feel free to check out the site, read about the club and check out some of the photos. If at the end of your browsing, you’ve still got questions please email us and we’ll get back with you right away.


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